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Silk Rose Petals

Ivory w/ Blue

Ivory w/ Blue silk rose petals 
One-time special buy - limited quantities

   Qty: 100 petals for $1.99

Ivory w/ Purple Tip

Ivory w/ Purple Tip silk rose petals 
A mix of large and small petals, these are not the same
as our "Ivory w/ Purple"

   Qty: 100 petals for $1.99

Blossom mix of silk rose petals 
A blend of light petals in pastel shades

   Qty: 1000 petals for $9.99

Romance Packages with Silk Rose Petals

artificial rose petal package

These Romance packages contain an assortment of Red, Pink, and White Artificial Rose Petals, plus scented and unscented candles.  It's everything you need for Valentine's Day.

Romance 1500   $24.99  On Sale for $18.99
Contains 1,500 artificial rose petals, 1 rose scented votive candle, and 6 unscented tealight candles, enough to create a romantic atmosphere in a small bedroom or apartment.

Romance 2500   $39.99  On Sale for $29.99
Contains 2,500 artificial rose petals, 2 rose scented votive candles, and 10 unscented tealight candles, enough to sprinkle petals on a bed and scatter around a candlelit room.

Artificial Rose Petals

These artificial rose petals are great for areas requiring large quantities of rose petals, such as aisles and pathways. Made from a different material than our Silk Rose Petals, the petals below are economically priced, so you can use lots!


400 Petals for $3.99    Qty:  

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