Romance Package of Real Rose Petals + candles

Romantic red rose petals

Our Romance package contains our REAL Freeze Dried Rose Petals plus scented and unscented candles.  Create a perfect romantic surprise.

Real Rose Petals Package contains 10 cups of real freeze dried rose petals, 2 rose scented tealight candles, and 6 unscented candles. Use one package to create a romantic atmosphere in a small bedroom or apartment, or get multiple packages to create a spectacular surprise. See photos below for ideas.

Quantity: $29.95 ea

Need a large quantity Overnight? See our Larger Sizes without Candles. It will save a lot on shipping!

Recommended quantities:

  • Trail on a Floor  Figure 1 to 2 cups per square foot
  • Heart on a Bed  Our 10 cup case can make a heart outline on a queen bed
  • In a Bathtub  Our freeze dried rose petals float!
  • Spell it with Petals  Figure a minimum of 1 cup per letter
trail of rose petals rose petals on a bed 


Left  about 1 cup per square foot, about 20 cups were used to create this trail

Above  10 cups forming a heart on a queen bed

Below  About 50 cups of petals with extra candles

1000 Red Rose Petals

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